Photo of Freidens church in Globeville. Photo of the Norka church.

Germans from Russia

There was a substantial community of German Russians in the Globeville area by 1887, with many of them coming from three colonies along the Volga - Norka, Beideck and Doenhoff. Since Germans had been persecuted for their religion while in Russia, they were quick to form their own churches in Globeville, with congregations corresponding to those of their villages in Russia.

First German Congregational Church was founded by settlers from Norka, St. Paul's Lutheran Church by people from Beideck and the Friedens Evangelical Lutheran Church by immigrants from Doenhoff. As in the old country, life for German Russians centered around the family, church and work. Leaders in the community were those who were active in the churches, business owners and those who helped others to emigrate. Germans had grown sugar beets in Russia, boiling them and using the syrup for sugar. Another German immigrant, Charles Boettcher, would develop sugar beets into an industry in Colorado and recruit German Russian to work in the fields from april until November.